Starter Soak Off Gel Polish Kit

Nail Perfect

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Starter Soak Off Gel Polish Kit

Increase your revenue with the Starter Kit Soak Off Gel Polish from NailPerfect.

This kit contains all necessary products and will save you money, as you will not have to buy the essential products individually.

NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish is as durable as gel and as easy as applying nail polish. Have gorgeous nails from at least 2 till up to 6 weeks.

NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish is easy to apply, without chipping, peeling or wearing.
It cures in 2 minutes in a NP UV Light (4x 9 Watt) or in just 30 seconds in NP LED Light.
It’s easy to remove – simply soak it off in just 10 minutes.

Starter Kit contains: 
Soak Off Base Gel 15 ml
Soak Off Gel Polish #007 Red Alert 15 ml
Soak Off Top Gel 15 ml
Blue Scrub 60 ml
UV Cleanser 100 ml
Soak Off Remover 100 ml
Pro Pusher
2 Halfmoon File 180/180
20 Foil Wraps Gel
20 Nail Wipes
10 Gel Sponges
Step by step instructions.


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