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Set of 15 Art Brushes


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Set of 15 Art Brushes
Set of 15 Art Brushes

These are the ultimate in glitter and pigment appplication products and they are the best brushes I've found! 

They don't hold the glitter, clean easily and completely by just dusting them gently on a towel when you are finished with your glitter or pigment. 
Because they don't hold the pigments/glitters, you won't get cross contamination with multiple colours when doing complex designs or fades. 

These are synthetic bristles. 

In the set you get 15 brushes! Check out the second image for the specific brushes that I recommend. 
I use the concealer brush (far right) for application of fades, or full cover nails. 
I use the short black bristled blush for cleaning up. 
I use the black/white narrow brush for small nails, or very specific details on complex designs. 

Get in quick, these are hot and we have VERY limited stock!

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