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Portable Efile (analog)


Regular price $320.00
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Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)
Portable Efile (analog)

These are available in Silver only. 

This is an amazing deal for a mid level efile that has almost no vibration, so will not cause you pain while you use it. 

This efile, is an affordable way to see if efiling is for you without having to outlay up to $1000 to get a high quality unit. 
Top of the line efiles range from $700-$1500. 
But we asked for these specifically to fill a gap in the market, as in NZ, techs can either choose a high end file, or they can purchase a verycheap efile which often has levels of vibration that can cause pain, irritation and microfracturing of acrylic/gel products. 
You won't find that kind of vibration in these. 
We stand by these efiles, as being a good starter efile, that won't cause damage, but won't break the bank either. 
They are not as much of a workhorse as for example, our high end Saeyang efiles, but we think you will really enjoy using these lovely little units. 
And the price point is very reasonable.   

The handpiece is medium weight, but still easy to hold and the unit itself is very stable on your table, but still small enough to clip onto your belt with the attached belt clip!
It has a very smooth slimline appearance and is not heavy to hold.  
It has a built in Lithium Ion battery, it's Cordless & Rechargeable for mobile and portable use and you get approximately 5 hours operation, after a full charge time of just 2 hours!
  • Rotary Speed: 0-30000 rpm
  • 2 Directions: Forward / Reverse
  • 5 color options: white, black, silver, pink, red
  • Portable & Lightweight for easy carry and storage
  • Twist-lock hand piece chuck for quick drill bit swapping
  • Professional Use for Nail Techs
  • NZ Plug, 240V 50/60HZ


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