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Lovely, superb pigments and glitters for creating unique and extraordinary effects and colors on your nails. These pigments and glitters are EU compliant (thus complying with the EU cosmetic regulations) and can be used in and on your gel polish, acrylics, gel or nail lacquer. Different base colors will give you different effects. Discover the endless possibilities with the Mix & mingle pigments & glitters!

Fairy Dust, Metallic Bronze, Pearlescent
Experiment with these pigments to create an unprecedented effect.
Combine with each other or with other pigments, use a different base color to create unlimited color effects. 
Very suitable as nail art, apply on just one nail or all of them.
They will look stunning, that’s for sure! These pigments are based on mica flake substrates coated with titanium dioxide.
They can be used in cosmetic applications and complies to all relevant cosmetic regulations and are UV, solvent and high temperature resistant.
Different base colors give you different effects.

 Features and benefits

• For unique and extraordinary effects and colors
• EU compliant
• Mermaid Effects, Holographic, Fairy Dust, Metallic Bronze, Pearlescent are cosmetic grade
• Unlimited possibilities
• Suitable for use with gel polish, gels, acrylics and nail lacquer
• Use on different base colors for different effects
• Must have addition to your nail art assortment
• Easy to use
• Different application possibilities
• Opportunity to mix & mingle and to experiment with

Depending on the brand you work with, application and curing time will be different.
General step by step when working with gel polish:
1. Apply base gel on natural nail after proper preparation and cure. When applying on artificial nails, start with step 2.
2. Apply one layer of color and cure. Apply a second layer if desired and cure.
3. Apply top gel and cure 50% of the curing time.
4. Rub with an eyeshadow applicator or brush with a fan brush a very small amount of pigment or glitter onto the
nail and cure the other 50%.
5. Finish with top gel, cure (and cleanse).
Use sparingly, you just need a little pigment or glitters per nail.
Tip 1: experiment on different base colors to get different effects.
Tip 2: use different ways of application to get different effects, e.g. rub it on or brush it in.
Tip 3: experiment on gels, acrylics and nail lacquers to see what different effects you can create.