LED Table Lamp - Clamp On

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LED slimline lamp with flexi arm and NZ plug. 

You can move this around with ease and it puts out fantastic light! 

This lamp is a cool toned light. 
It's very slightly cooler than daylight, but not a cold blue light. 
It leans to cool as cool light is brighter than warm. So the more yellow in the LED bulb, the dimmer the light is. This is designed to be a working light, aimed at optimum visibility, but without the colour affecting blue tinge to it. 
You won't see the blue affect your colours, but it will increase your visibility. 

The lamp also lifts off the clamped base with an easy, one-handed, fluid motion in case you would like to move it out of your way. 

It has a section of the lamp which is rigid, and contains the LED diodes.
Then it has a flexi section which means you can angle or move the lamp in any direction that you need.