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Looking for a gel to help you achieve that "liquid gold" look?

The NailPerfect Foil Design Gel is the answer! 

This unique gel has so much to offer. Not only is it highly pigmented and can be used alongside your traditional color gels, but it has a dual function as a transfer gel for transfer foil. 

The Foil Design Gel may be used for larger surfaces, such as the smile line, or alternatively for intricate designs requiring a foiled finish. Excellent adhesion for transfer foil. 
Color does not fade, wear, dull or chip and you have beautiful nails for at least two weeks! 
The perfect addition for any color gel range. 
Perfect for nail designs on both fingers and toes. 

No-odor, easy, one-coat application.
Moderate viscosity light activated gel. Same as clear gel, cures on demand in both UV and LED light sources. 


  • Apply foil design gel to a prepped nail and cure for 60 seconds in the Nail Perfect LED lamp
  • Press foil to the gel and pull away in a fast and firm motion - like removing a wax strip
  • Seal with top coat, being sure to apply the top gel firmly around the foil design gel so that the design is sealed well, but your design retains a 3D appearance
  • If you want to encapsulate, use a thicker viscosity top coat, or apply two coats, floating the second coat over the gaps in your design 
  • You can paint the entire nail, or you can simply paint your desired design - designs need to be thick enough to have a solid appearance, be careful to paint evenly and leave no gaps or sheer spots or your foil will not adhere to those

You may have to practise curing the gel in thin lines if you do not use our lamp (our lamp is recommended for best results) as the gel needs to be cured to be firm when pressed, but sticky when touched. 
If the gel is not tacky, or it is soft and squishy it is not cured correctly.