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Let your nail art techniques sparkle with this amazing dotting tool set!

Providing you with endless possibilities and a quick and easy way to decorate nails, this set includes 3 dotting tools with 6 different sizes all packed in a neat plastic sleeve.

Lace effect - Apply small balls of acrylic onto the nail. Before the acrylic has set, use the Dotting Tool to insert a hole into the ball of acrylic. Repeating this effect in a row will create a lace effect.

Marbleizing – working with a very wet mix-ratio, it’s possible to place two or more balls of acrylic and use the Dotting Tool to mix them through one another.

(Soak Off) Gel / Nail Polish:
Marbleizing – apply two or more balls of the product to the nail, use the Dotting Tool to drag the colors through one another.

Dotting – dip the Dotting Tool into the product and apply dots to the nail at strategic places to create the desired effect.

Dip the Dotting Tool in a finishing gel, like a Top Seal or glue to pick up a rhinestone.