Tips - Designer Stiletto Clear (12 pieces)

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The Designer Stiletto Tips are perfect to display your design or nail art in for example a tip box. These tips are also
ideal when creating extreme long stiletto nails for example for competitions. The Designer Tips are extremely long.
Each package contains 12 tips with different lengths each. The lengths vary between from 6,7 cm to 9,2 cm. The
Designer Stiletto Tip Clear is especially used for transparent colors or glitters. The Natural is very suitable for opaque

Features and benefits
• Ideal to display your design nails and/or nail art
• Ideal to place in a tip box
• Ideal for competitions
• Extremely long
• 12 different lengths
• Lengths from 6,7 till 9,2 cm
• Can be used with gel, acrylics, nail lacquer and/or nail art paint
• Available in Clear en Natural

Lightly etch the Designer Stiletto Tip and start with your design. en begin met uw design. You can use a practice finger
and/or kneading rubber eraser to keep the tip at its place.