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One Stroke Brush - Micro Liner 00

Nail Perfect

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One Stroke Brush - Micro Liner 00

Fine liner brush suitable for delicate painting.

Mastering the art of beautiful nails takes talent, practice and the right tools. Talent and practice comes from with-in and the right tools comes from NailPerfect.
NailPerfect’s brush series are the most innovative brushes on the market. The handles are light and perfectly balanced. It is designd to be an extension of your own hand.

The NailPerfect Nail Art Brush Set is great for creating nail art and especially ideal for One Stroke and Hand Painting. The set includes: Microliner for handpainting, detail art work and creating stripes, Dotting Tool for making dots, creating a lace look or for marbleizing, 3 One Stroke Brushes; 2 for creating flowers and 1 for creating the background and for fading.
Features & Benefits
- Ideal for One Stroke and Hand Painting
- Unique handle design for perfect control over application
- Various brushes to able to create every possible design
- Nylon hair
- Grey with NailPerfect logo
- For use with acrylic, gel, nail polish or nail art paint
- Easy to clean with monomer, cleanser, nail polish remover or water

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