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Color LED/UV Gels - Aurora Borealis Collection

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NailPerfect LED/UV Gels. Exceptional holographic effects created by the angle of the light.

Great coverage - irresistible effect!
No wearing, no peeling or chipping! NailPerfect LED/UV Color Gels stay beautiful for over 2 weeks.

All colors have a high gloss shine and are perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures.

Perfect for nail designs
- Perfect for both fingers and toes
- No odor
- Easy one-coat application

- Moderate viscosity light activated gel - same as clear gel
- Cures on demand in LED and UV light – no wait for polish to dry
- Use on natural nails, gels and acrylics
- Self-leveling, making application easy
- Easy to remove

Color Gels can be used over any artificial and natural nail surface.

In natural nail services apply a thin coat of Nail Perfect Clear Gel first as your base and cure.
Artificial nails have to be filed (no need to buff). Then apply coat(s) of your desired color gel color.

Cure time: LED: 30 seconds – UV: 3 minutes

Aurora Borealis Collection contains 7g pots of:    
Magnetic Influence    
The Ultimate Energy    
Polar Night    
Marvel Of Nature    
Northern Lights    
Visit The North    
Hunting The Light    
Solar Wind    
Dance Of The Spirits    

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