3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011

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3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011
3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011
3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011
3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011
3D Embossed Gel - Silver #011

The 3D Embossed Gel provides different level of nail art with 3D embossing applications.
This product is ideal for salon applications and also for nail techs starting out that have not yet refined their 3D techniques.
Easy to use without any intense training.
Create a variety of designs including: cabling/jersey design, 3D flowers.
Let your imagination run wild.

  • No mess, no fuss - easy tube application
  • Quick and easy application
  • Clay texture, easy to shift and shape, easy for
  • product control
  • Ideal for starters
  • No need to use additional tools/brushes
  • Available in a variety of colors

Prepare and style the nails as usual. Use the 3D Embossed Gel after buffing (acrylic) or curing (gel).
Do not cleanse, but just dab the excess sticky layer with a clean gel sponge.
Cure the 3D Embossed Gel and seal the nails.
Ensure that the finishing layer is not too thick, otherwise your embossing is less effective.

Cure time: 2 minutes in a UV Light or 30 seconds in a LED Light.

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