NEW CUSTOMERS: Please send your qualifications or proof of training through as soon as you make your account to avoid a delay in processing your order!

Holiday Hours

The team at Nail Perfect wish to thank all of our loyal customers for letting us work with you in your salons, and we hope you all have a fantastically busy Christmas lead up, and a lovely peaceful holiday break! 

Being a family owned business, we know that family is important and we will be closing down for the first year since we began, for a short Christmas break. 

Don't panic! 
You can still make orders and plan for the new year clients and restocking over that post-christmas wind down - and keep your eyes peeled for some sneaky little sales that will pop up over that time! 

We are only closing down the dispatching, because at this time of year, historically we have found couriers hit and miss for delivery. Some people have had packages sit from before Christmas, until well after New Years. 
So this year, we have looked at the courier schedules, and the public holidays and statutory holidays and we have decided that rather than risk packages sitting in courier hands, we would rather keep the stock protected here and send it when we know it will be delivered in a reasonable timeframe. 

Our dispatching dates for the rest of December will be as follows; 

  • Orders made before 9am on December the 19th will be dispatched on the closest Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 
  • Orders made after 9am December the 19th, will be dispatched January the 7th. 

Our LAST DAY for dispatching orders will be the morning of Wednesday the 19th of December, as this is the last day we can guarantee delivery BEFORE Christmas. 
So if you need a product before Christmas, your order must be made by 9am on the 19th of December. 
Orders made after 9am may not be seen in time to be dispatched as the team will be frantically packing orders in order to get them ready for the 11am courier pickup. 

Knowing that at Christmas time, couriers very quickly become overworked and overloaded, Nail Perfect cannot be held responsible for their individual workloads. 


We will be closed for business (including emails and telephone calls) from Monday the 24th of December until we will re-open on Monday the 7th of January. 


We hope you all have a fabulous holiday break and that you get to enjoy some downtime, as well as some family time. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sharyn, Alex, Bridget, Adelle & Phiona