Nail Perfect NZ are proud to be working with Cosmeticair to bring New Zealand technicians, a much more affordable, but still high quality air purification and dust reduction unit. 

We will be bringing these in as a pre-order only item to begin with. 
Delivery estimation is approximately 3-4 weeks. 

Read on for more information on the benefits and qualities that make Cosmeticair so fantastic. 



Cosmeticair Nail Tables have primarily been designed to remove fumes created in a salon environment. They are GREAT at removing fumes, or vapour is the term technician’s use.

When working within the ‘capture zone’ as illustrated in the instruction manual, the unit has been proven to remove over 99% of fumes entering the unit,
They have also been proven to remove over 90% of toxic and harmful dust. 

Units have been independently laboratory tested in Adelaide (data available). Our units use an extraction fan to remove the fumes; as a consequence the units will remove ‘airborne dust’. From a health point of view, this prevents technicians inhaling these fine dust particles. Anything too heavy for suspension in the air will still need to be manually removed from the table.

Units can be left running for long periods due to the centrifugal fan that is fitted. Units can be left on to remove other salon odours; however this will shorten the life span of the filters.

All units have a 3-Speed fan switch.

Speed 1 – Light applications
Speed 2 – General applications
Speed 3 – Heavy filing                                   

Dacron Pre-filter Discs

These discs are designed to prevent excess dust entering the unit. They should be removed and washed frequently. They are hand or machine washable and reusable. All units come with a packet of 5.

Carbon Filters

These filters do all the work to remove fumes. They contain activated carbon. There are two filters located underneath the unit, one either side. The fan sucks the air down from the capture zone and pushes it through the filters. Once the air has passed through the filters, it then re-enters the air stream clean.

Filter life will vary on individual technicians use. Filters last an average of 6 months.


A healthier workplace environment may cost far less than you think.
The expected maintenance costs, for a Cosmeticair system, used daily by an average user is less than $7 per week, or $364 per year if filters are replaced every six months. 

Pre-Order Options Available


Portable Machine

  • Basic model designed for portable use on top of an existing table top.
Retro Fit Unit
  • Dimensions for Retro Fit: 450mm (Width), 540mm (Length), 120mm (Height)
  • Designed to fit into an existing table.
  • Fixed Brackets for installation.
  • Stainless steel spill tray.
  • Second top collar
  • Cutting template
  • DVD for installation
  • A jigsaw and drill are the tools required.

Deluxe Table

  • Dimensions 1000mm L x 530mm W x 710mm H
  • Solid Laminated Black or White Bench top.
  • Stainless steel spill tray.
  • Adjustable chrome legs.
  • Custom colours and power points available at additional cost.

Executive Desk

  • Dimensions 1200mm L x 530mm W x 710mm H
  • Solid Laminated Black or White Bench top.
  • Stainless steel spill tray.
  • Gloss Black or White Laminated set of 3 draws fitted to left or right side of table with castors.
  • 2 Chrome Legs with castors.
  • Custom colours and power points available at additional cost.


Twin Bench

  • Dimensions 2000mm L x 530mm W x 710mm H
  • Solid Laminated Bench top.
  • Stainless steel spill tray.
  • Chrome Legs
  • Custom colours and power points available at additional cost.
  • Preferred by nail schools


Custom Table

  • Custom Tables allow 8-12 weeks delivery.
  • Quotes on custom tables, simply call our office for a prompt reply.





Please read warranty and instruction manual for terms and conditions.
All units come with an unconditional warranty on fans and motors and 1 year warranty on manufacture faults.
All units come with a warranty card and instruction manual.
DVDS are available upon request.

Request Pre-Order Pricing

Please contact us if you would like any more information - and don't forget to tell us which unit you would like to know more about, or order in! 

The retro fit and portable units are now on the website, watch this space for table costs or if you have a design in mind, contact us now for a quote!