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Core UV Gel System

UV - Crystal Gel

Nail Perfect

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UV - Crystal Gel
UV - Crystal Gel

Crystal Gel provides a thin, clear and shiny surface that looks and feels completely natural.

Recommended for natural nail overlays or moderate to short tip extensions.

  • Thin viscosity light activated gel
  • Ultra-thin for the most comfortable wear
  • Completely transparent
  • Clear, mirror glass finish that looks completely
  • natural
  • Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
  • Perfect for fast fills
  • No heat sensation while curing
  • Self-leveling, making application easy

For gel overlays on natural nails or for strengthening shorter nail tips.
Using a NailPerfect Gel Application Brush apply (like polish) a thin layer of Crystal Gel to the nail surface.
Cap the free edge by lightly brushing the product along the sides and end of the free edge and cure. Do not cleanse yet, apply a second coat of Crystal Gel and cleanse. Crystal Gel can be used as a final coat.

Cure time: 30 seconds UV. 

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