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So, the Dip System is here and we have been training on it, and having some very good results. But I'm getting asked so many questions about it and how it works, and why you should buy it. 
I thought I would turn those answers into a blog post, because quite simply, Dip Nails aren't for everyone. 
They have been around many decades, but are finding huge popularity again with slight tweaks to the technology and improved powder molecule sizes. 
So if you want to follow the current trends, then knowing how they work, and who they are best suited to is absolutely imperative. 
I want to help everyone understand the Nail Perfect dip system and how it's placed in the grand scheme of all things nail related.
Dip nails cannot ever replace gel or acrylic.
They are a great bridging service.
Dip nails are short term solutions as they are a soak off product that ideally shouldn't be infilled as over time, cyanoacrylate breaks down and you can see clouding from microfractures, and brittleness/shattering in time.
Dip system nails sit between hard gel and acrylic for their rigidity.
But they sit between gel polish and soft gel for longevity.
They are more brittle like silk or fibreglass nails.
You can't sculpt with them but you can use tips. So they won't work for extreme shapes or lengths as a long term nail - but for a ball night or event they will be fine!
The ideal clients for dip nails are;
- ball clients, girls who in the past would have had party tips or gel polish over tips
- clients who want temporary nails for a holiday and don't require an infill
- clients who are not convinced about acrylic and want to have a 'trial' or bridging product to see how it feels
- clients who would like a bit more oomph under their gel polish
Nail Perfect dip powders are fully compatible with our gel and nail polishes. So you can polish over them. Which is why we didn't launch with colour powders. It's more of a 'core' product.
They are fast and easy once you know what you are doing and over natural nails offer great strength and support. The Nail Perfect Dip system only needs a light buff with a 180 buffer after application and there is no waiting! Which makes it a super fast. The resin application is very thin, so no real cuticle area buffing is needed and we seal with gel so it's a 30 second cure to finish to a high shine.
The actual steps are so simple; 
Prep (apply tips if required)
Blue Scrub
Resin & Dip x 2/3
Activator Spray
Lightly buff
Top Seal, Gel Polish or normal polish. 
Cuticle Oil
Because you cannot create a perfect apex they are not ideal for rough clients or super long nails other than for temporary wear.
I have however, when doing long nails done two 2/3 dips and then two full dips, to create somewhat of a vague apex over the stress area of where the tip is most likely to give way under pressure.
So while it's not an apex as such, it does make it a little stronger there.
It is not ideal to infill as the cyanoacrylate component breaks down over time and can cloud and become brittle and shatter. But I know some will infill them, by removing about 80-90% of the existing product before infilling.
So there are pros and cons, like any system but the most important thing to remember is that they are a temporary nail solution!
But they have a place and they are good when used correctly!
Watch our neat video on application and see for yourself just how fast and easy it is. 


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