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Hitting the Ground Running

Nail Perfect New Zealand

The last few weeks have been such a crazy whirlwind ride for us here at NailPerfect NZ. 

We have had our first enormous order arrive, with all of our core stock landing in New Zealand. We have a full compliment of Acrylic and Gel core system products, a selection of lamps, kits and all sorts of exciting goodies catalogued and sorted. 

We've had so much to organise, with international shipping and then local shipping, but we have some very robust and fantastic services in place so we are sure our customers will be happy with and appreciate the peace of mind our system delivers. 
National shipping is done via courier and customers recieve tracking links as soon as their order has been packaged and is ready for dispatch. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed packing and sending out the orders that have gone so far, and look forward to sending out more as they come in. 
It's so exciting seeing what people are choosing to have in their salons and we just know that you will love NailPerfect so much once you use it, you won't look back! 

Keep watching too as we will be starting to really utilise this blog with interesting snippets of information, fun how-to's and cool stories as well as some super exciting news we have to announce. 

Watch this space.......

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